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Best Lightsaber on the market, UK brand, find the best offer -50% for all our sabers. they are made for dualing. our light saber V7 is available now. JOIN OUR ALLIANCE TODAY We are proud to introduce our new SABNEO™ V7 WARRIOR Saber after 1 year of development and optimization! We have been collecting customer feedback on the V6 throughout.

Buy on Amazon. 4. 3 pack 3 colors Light Up Saber with FX Sound (Motion Sensitive) and Realistic Handle for Kid,... 9.8. Buy on Amazon. 5. Star Wars Kylo Ren Electronic Red Lightsaber Toy for Ages 6 and Up with Lights, Sounds, and Phrases... 9.6. Buy on Amazon.

OwnASaber. OwnASaber is a team of Star Wars Enthusiasts that are determined to bring its customers high quality, realistic lightsabers. As a Star Wars fan, the one thing we have always dreamed of is getting the chance to wield a real lightsaber. Unfortunately, a lightsaber that can slice through any and every object does not exist, but this.




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Top 1 Australian Light Saber Brand For Dueling, our lightsabers are suitable for fighting. join our SABNEO™ Australian community to fight with the V7 saber Warrior from Australia. Discount Offer -60% + Free Delivery Today (Only Australia) Discount Offer -60% + Free Delivery Today (Only Australia).

Mein Sohn würde 5 Sterne geben. Mein Sohn würde 5 Sterne geben, ich ziehe einen für die lange Lieferzeit ab (ab Bestellung 18 Tage). Aufgrund des fehlenden Impressums etc. hatte ich erst Bedenken. Aber es hat alles geklappt und das Lichtschwert macht bis jetzt einen guten Eindruck (und für Eltern einen nervigen Sound *g*).