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So for the last 3 months my brother in law's best friend has been asking about me. I first met him last year in December and I guess he's liked me ever since then. Me and him danced at my sister's wedding (he was the best man) and conversed a little bit about ourselves. I got his number from my. He views your relationship in a platonic way. But if you like him don’t give up. You need to go up to him, (you can’t do this over the phone especially via texting) and ask him out. That’s how you’re going to win this. Because him him being really shy and unreliable on the phone he won’t make the first move. Good Luck.

If you lift without a spot, you better damn well know your limits or this shit will happen. I could probably bench a little more than I do, but I live alone and I don’t want to get found rotting away with a bar wrapped around my throat. Anon dodged a bullet, have he intervined he would be in prison accused of rape..




Answer (1 of 4): My answer has nothing to do with body language or communication, but on the basis of those things it sounds like yes, he is a shy guy who probably likes you. My question would be: Is he nice to you? Considerate? Gentle? Interested in what you have to say? And if you disagree abou. 2020-03-23 12:53:00 Men of reddit who are fathers. What was your “I’m very disappointed in you” moment? 2020-03-25 11:52:32 Men of reddit who saw the movie Superbad. What was your “mclovin“ moment? 2020-03-26 11:40:28 Men of Reddit who has shy girlfriend or wife. What did you guys do to get her?.

How to Know if a Guy is Serious in Courting You - 12 Signs. Here are the best ways to know a guy wants a serious relationship with you: 1. The Little Known Facebook Clue. No, I'm not talking about friending you on Facebook. I'm talking about HIS friends Facebooking you.

If he happens to be shy, here you will find out why. 1. He gets nervous when you are around. 2. He doesn't stop asking your friends about you. 3. He can't help being a silly klutz when you approach him. 4. He smiles so much it makes you nervous. 5. He comes off as the silent type when you are in the room. 6. He changes his looks so much you ....