I told him i love him and he said i know

I would tell him that you love him and want to know if he really does love you in return. If he said that he did, I would tell him that it really kind of hurts you that he doesn't say it in return. That when you hear "me too" that it feels a little dismissive and insincere. I am fortunate to have a man who tells me many times a day that he.

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I TOLD HIM.Progress. I told him I liked him!!!!We are talking on the phone right now and he feels the same!He is scared because of a 1 year age difference, I’m a senior in high school and he just graduated, but we’ve been talking about what we think! just graduated, but we’ve been talking about what we think!.




The first time he told me that he didn't love me, we were standing on the corner of East 2nd Street and Avenue A in the East Village. I had spilled my guts (and heart) out to him, and what came.

1) he likes you back but was just surprised by your comment or 2) he haven't even thought about you in that way (if so, now he's trying to analyze what you meant by it and going crazy for not knowing if you were just friendly) 3) he doesn't like you Like with most of stuff we guys do - Do not read too much into it and just let the things roll on.

What is means is that the more you are around someone, the more their idiosyncrasies, habits, mannerisms, and even the sound of their voice can start to irritate you. But there's even more. The greater the level of intimacy you feel with someone, the more what they say, think, feel, and do matters to you. Think about it.